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Saturday February 16th, 2019
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We at Blackrock Computer Consulting realize the necessity of computer skills in today's rapidly advancing technological world. We are offering introductory computer classes to introduce and familiarize people with today's new technologies, and to give our students an understanding of the WHAT's and WHY’s of computer hardware and software.
Course Description: Introduction to Hardware, Software, Operating System (DOS, Window’s 95/98/NT), utilities, and self-diagnostics/maintenance. Understanding
useful programs (Word-processing, Spreadsheets, Database) and basic Internet.
Pre-requisite: NONE-Basic Introduction for first time as well as intermediate users.  
Date: Please call for current schedule.  
Time( s ): Please call for current listings.  
Environment: Personalized small group instruction with a maximum of 8 individuals per course.
*(See bottom attachment)
Cost: Please call (570) 668-2455 for current prices.  
Registration: Pre-Registration is a must. Via Phone (570) 668-2455 or Fax 570.668.5568.
Payment must accompany registration.

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